B6.02. Is it possible to make a late application?
Last Updated 11 months ago

According to article 5 of the UÉ Access and Admission Application Regulations, after the deadline stipulated in the Schedule of Applications to the University of Évora, only applications for re-admission or applications for admission to a PhD program without curricular component may be accepted and only if they happen soon after the deadline. All the documentation required for the application must be attached to the request, which is subject to approval.

The request will be rejected if it is made in one of the following situations:
a) before the end of the last phase of applications for that study program;
b) the request is not accompanied by the necessary documentation;
c) the application is made after the end of the period of change of registration in the academic year (see deadline in the Calendar of Academic Procedures) in case of re-entry to complete curricular units of the program where the students was previously enrolled.
d) the request is made after October 31 in case of re-entry in Thesis or Dissertation / Project Work / Internship Report.

If you want to make an application after the deadline, you must access to HERE and attach the necessary documentation.

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