G1.01. How to apply for equivalence credit?
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Crediting requests must be submitted through your SIIUE profile (see Online Crediting Application Guide) within the deadline defined annually in the Academic Procedures Calendar.

The following documents for crediting of training must be attached, if you apply for crediting (even if these documents where part of the admission application, you must submit them again):
  • Authenticated certificate of qualification, in which all the completed UC with their respective ECTS and grades are listed;
  • Signed certificates from all training pursued outside the higher education system and that you wish to be considered for training crediting;
  • Study plan published in Diário da República of the Bachelor’s Degree or the Master's Degree that you hold and that you intend to be credited in your program;
  • Syllabus and contact hours of the UC.
In case of requesting credit of professional competences:
  • Curriculum Vitae, for crediting of non-academic training (training actions, seminars, workshops, etc.) and professional experience;
  • Authenticated certificates of all courses or other activities that the student intends to be considered for crediting of non-academic training;
  • Authenticated copies of the supporting statements issued by the employers, indicating the functions and their duration.
The documentation delivered in the crediting process, for training done abroad, must be certified by the Embassy/ Consulate or by affixing Hague Apostille.

Applications for crediting are subject to fees, the amount you have to pay is indicated in your student profile at SIIUE (the request will be canceled if you do not pay within 3 days of the request):
    • Request for crediting of training obtained under the Higher Education System (SES): € 30;
    • Request for crediting of training obtained outside the Higher Education System (FSES): € 50;
    • Request for crediting of professional experience: € 120;
    • Request for a review of previous crediting process: € 50.
In the case of re-entry, or if you completed previously isolated or Extra-curricular UC at the University of Évora, there is an automatic crediting request at the enrollment act, which is not subject to fees.

The credit is translated in the attribution of ECTS for the purpose of attending a study program and obtaining the corresponding degree at the University of Évora. In case of changes to other Institution/program and of enrollment cancellation, the obtained credit is not valid.

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