O1.01. What are the conditions to apply for evidence of specialist title?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Under the terms of Decree-Law 206/2009 of 31 August and OS/4/2010 of 6 April, the specialist title proves the quality and special relevance of the professional curriculum in a given area for the purposes of the composition of the teaching staff of higher education institutions and for the teaching career of polytechnic higher education, not being confusable with, nor replacing, the titles awarded by public professional associations.

Under the terms of the Service Order no. 4/2010, of April 6th - Regulation for the Attribution of the Title of Specialist , specialist titles may be requested from those who cumulatively meet the following conditions

a) Hold higher initial training and at least 10 years of professional experience within the area for which the tests are required;

b) Have a professional curriculum of proven quality and relevance for the exercise of the profession in the area in question.

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