E1.02. Which are the special attendance regimes?
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The special attendance regimes are defined in Section V of Chapter II of RAUÉ (the academic regulation of the University of Évora). It applies to students enrolled and registered in a study program lasting 1 year or more, who fulfill the legal and regulated requirements to benefit from the regime. You can consult RAUÉ, to learn about the documentation and the conditions for obtaining each of the following regimes, as well as the rights that each regime confers:
    • Student worker
    • Student on academic incoming or outgoing mobility
    • Finalist student
    • Student association leader
    • Student elected for management bodies at the University of Évora
    • Students elements of choirs, tunas, volunteers and other groups of identical nature
    • Students mothers and fathers
    • Student with special educational needs
    • Student practicing high competition sports
    • Student athlete FADU
    • Cooperation advisor student
    • Student Fireman

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