O1.02. What documentation is required and how to apply for evidence of specialist title?
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The candidacy must be formalized in the Academic Services of the University of Évora

Candidates for the award of the specialist title must submit the following documentation:

Candidate's application (form T-012)

1 Copy of the curriculum vitae, indicating the professional career, the works and projects carried out and, when applicable, the scientific, technological and pedagogical activities developed.

1 Copy of the work of a professional nature in the area of the tests for presentation, critical appreciation and discussion.

1 copy of each of the works mentioned in the curriculum that the candidate considers relevant.

1 copy of the curriculum and professional work in digital format.

Photocopy of the Diploma of the Specialization Course in Nursing and Term of Equivalence of the Diploma of Higher Studies

Specialized Studies in Nursing;

Photocopy of the Professional Card; - Declaration of length of service;

Copy of the qualification certificate.

The application and documentation must be sent to tituloespecialista@sac.uevora.pt. You may only attach a maximum of 5 files, and each one may not exceed 2MB, limited to the types: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .JPEG, .png, .PNG.

If successfully submitted, you will receive an email with confirmation of receipt and a ticket number, and based on this number you can check the status of the application submitted.

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