03. How do I schedule an in-person appointment?
Last Updated 5 months ago

In order to improve the quality of face-to-face service in the Academic Services and reduce waiting times and the crowding of people in the current context, UÉ students can schedule face-to-face appointments for Academic Services.

In-person service at the SAC takes place at the Student Desk in Room 1 of Santo Agostinho's Building (Rua Duques de Cadaval) at the following hours:

      • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 16:00
      • Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 13:00

É STUDENTS (enrolled) to schedule, must access their student profile on the SIIUE and at the top of the menu on the right, access “Customer Service > New appointment” and schedule the face-to-face appointment, for the day and time still available on that day.

CANDIDATES who have not yet registered yet and wish to clarify doubts regarding registration or the presentation of original documents, can schedule the face-to-face appointment for "Enrollment - Document Authentication" using the Credentials (login and password) used in the application registered at SIIUE.

After receiving an e-mail with confirmation of the appointment, you must go to the SAC on that day and at that time with the proof of this appointment (in paper or digital format on the mobile phone), being able to immediately enter the corridor on that day/time, waiting for call your name. In case of delay in relation to the scheduled time, only a tolerance of 1 hour is allowed, after this period you will have to make a new appointment.

Scheduling at SIIUE for Academic Services can be made within the scope of:

ENROLLMENTS and AUTHENTICATION OF DOCUMENTS (questions about registration and authentication of qualifications, identification or visa documents)

ACADEMIC PROCEDURES FOR UÉ STUDENTS (Questions related to Enrollment; credits; special attendance or tuition regimes; dissertation projects/internships/project or thesis works; requests for admission to public examinations for master's or doctoral degrees)

CERTIFICATION (questions related to requests and withdrawal of diplomas and certificates)

STUDENT SUPPORT (issues related to the integration of international or national students in the UÉ, psychological support, support for students with learning support needs (NEE's), other student support programs, volunteering, school insurance, etc.)

INCOMING MOBILITY (Academic mobility of students from other Educational Institutions)

OUTGOING MOBILITY (University of Évora students who wish to undertake an academic mobility in an another Educational Institution)

For face-to-face appointment on issues related to RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN DEGREES - service only with appointment request to be made by email through

For face-to-face appointment on issues related to AGGREGATION TESTS - service only with appointment request to be made by email through provasgregacao@sac.uevora.pt

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