L1.01. What is the difference between the different types of recognition of foreign higher education degrees (foreign qualifications)?
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Automatic recognition recognizes degrees or diplomas whose level, objectives and nature are identical to the Portuguese degrees of «licenciado» (bachelor), «mestre» (master) and «doutor» (PhD), awarded by Portuguese higher education institutions and included in the list of degrees and diplomas set by the Commission of Degree and Diplomas Recognition.

Specific recognition recognizes degrees or diplomas identical to Portuguese higher education degrees or diplomas through a case-by-case analysis of the level, duration and syllabus in a given area of education, field of knowledge or specialty.

Level recognition recognizes by comparability, individually, degrees or diplomas as having a level corresponding to a Portuguese academic degree or higher education diploma. This recognition recognizes only the academic degree (graduate, master or doctor), without indicating any scientific area.

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