S1.01. I'm a 1st year student, how can I access SIIUE?
Last Updated 11 months ago

You should start by accessing SIIUE (http://siiue.uevora.pt) using the username xxxx (given when you registered), and your identification number as password (the same one you used to do this registration). Note that on the first access it will be shown that this password has expired (for security reasons) and you will have to change it. Follow the indications presented on that page in order to make this change, as you will only be able to access it normally after this procedur.

We advise that, as soon as you have access to the system, you configure the password recovery email (available at System » Password Recovery) so that if you have again access difficulties, you can automatically recover your password, otherwise, you will have to go personally to the Academic Services or Computer Services for this purpose. See the SIIUE Quick Guide "Password Recovery" available at:
http://siiue.uevora.pt/help/manual/HT_RecuperarPassword.pdf for more information about this feature.

Please note that access credentials are common to the various systems available, therefore, whenever you update your password, you should use it for all accesses to SIIUE, Moodle, E-Mail, GesDoc, etc..

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