B11.04. How to submit the statement of the Institution where I got the qualification or the Statement of the Embassy with information on the scale used in the diploma/certificate?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Due to current pandemic situation, if you have foreign qualifications and you cannot obtain the Statement of the Institution that issued the qualification certificate or the Embassy statement attesting the final average and the grades scale used in that institution, identifying the minimum pass mark (in case that is not included in the qualification certificate) you must:

- attach to the application a document in which you declare under oath the maximum mark of the scale corresponding to the classification included in the diploma/certificate and the minimum passing grade of that scale.

- before enrolling you must submit the aforementioned Statement issued by the Higher Education Institution where you obtained the qualifications or issued by the Embassy (the enrolment must be made within the deadlines set in the University of Évora’s Application Schedule)

Failure to deliver the Statement issued by the Higher Education Institution or by the Embassy, with the diploma degree average or the scale with the minimum passing grade will invalidate the award of a merit-based scholarship.

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