D1.04. What are the conditions and how to enroll in Extra ECTS (above 36 ECTS/semester)?
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Exceptionally, a final-year student is also considered to be one who lacks up to 84 ECTS to complete the cycle of studies, without exceeding 42 ECTS in any of the semesters, being allowed to enroll in the extra ECTS.

Students in the 2nd and 3rd cycle, with more than one registration, will be allowed to register in the Thesis or D/TP/RE course, as long as the registrations in the remaining courses do not exceed 30 ECTS

The enrolment in Extra ECTS must be requested through GESDOC (select the application form "Extra ECTS Request" in order to fill in the respective form) within the deadline for enrolment in the regular season defined in the Calendar of Academic Procedures and is subject to payment of the fee for those ECTS.

You will be notified of the amount and the deadline for payment (notification in SIIUE). Enrollments are only made after payment.

After being notified of the enrollments, you should apply online at SIIUE the special regime of finalist student.

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