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  1. H1.01.Who can do Erasmus studies?
  2. H1.02. Who can do Erasmus internship?
  3. H1.03. How long does the mobility under the Erasmus+ Program last?
  4. H1.04. Can one do a combined mobility of studies and internship?
  5. H1.05. Can you go mobile more than once?
  6. H1.06. Is it necessary to pay tuition fees at the host institution?
  7. H1.07. When, how and where to apply for mobility?
  8. H1.08. What documents are required in the mobility application?
  9. H1.09. What are the countries where you can do Erasmus mobility?
  10. H1.10. Which Higher Education Institutions where you can do mobility - Erasmus studies?
  11. H1.11. How many places are there per institution?
  12. H1.12. Who is responsible for choosing the institution where you will do mobility - Erasmus internship?
  13. H1.13. What are the partner institutions where you can do mobility - Erasmus internship?
  14. H1.14. What are the selection criteria?
  15. H1.15. When are the application results available?
  16. H1.16. After the approval of the mobility application, what are the procedures to be followed?
  17. H1.17. After contacting the host institution, what should be done?
  18. H1.18. How to elaborate the Study Plan/Learning Agreement Internship Proposal/Training Agreement at SIIUE?
  19. H1.19. Which UC's can the student obtain equivalence?
  20. H1.20. What are the UC's of the host institution?
  21. H1.21. After being accepted to do an internship what documentation is required?
  22. H1.22. Before going mobile, what should I do?
  23. H1.23. How to apply for a scholarship?
  24. H1.24. How much is the ERASMUS grant?
  25. H1.25. How is the allocation of the scholarship made?
  26. H1.26. How is the scholarship amount paid and when do I receive it?
  27. H1.27. Is it possible to return early from the mobility period and keep the grant?
  28. H1.28. How many ECTS do I have to be registered in the host institution to be able to perform the mobility?
  29. H1.29. Can the Study Plan/Learning Agreement include UC's without equivalence to CU's of the study plan of the course I am enrolled in?
  30. H1.30. What is the diploma supplement?
  31. H1.31. What if some UC does not open or has overlapping schedules?
  32. H1.32. What is the deadline for changing the syllabus/Learning Agreement?
  33. H1.33. I applied for the 1st semester and if I want to stay for the 2nd - extension of the mobility period?
  34. H1.34. I applied for the academic year, but I changed my mind and I want to do the mobility only in the 1st semester, can I?
  35. H1.35. Can I make two applications? One semester at one institution and the other semester at another?
  36. H1.36. How do I take care of the housing?
  37. H1.38. Is the Erasmus grant compatible with other grants/funding?
  38. H1.39. Can I give up mobility? Until when?
  39. H1.40. How do registrations work in the mobility-out period?
  40. H1.41. Can I take UC's in Évora, by exam, in the semester of mobility?
  41. H1.42. As a mobility student, can I be evaluated in the special and the extraordinary evaluation periods?
  42. H1.43. After the mobility period ends, what are the procedures to end it?
  43. H1.44. How to obtain academic recognition? How are the grades obtained at the foreign university posted?
  44. H1.45. Can I take in the 2nd semester a UC that I failed in the 1st semester?
  45. H1.46. How to deliver the Certificate of Attendance - Arrival / departure certificate?
  46. H1.47 RESULTADOS CANDIDATURAS A MOBILIDADE OUT 2ª fase (semestre par 2022/23)

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