H1.32. What is the deadline for changing the syllabus/Learning Agreement?
Last Updated 5 months ago

The study plan can be changed up to 30 days after the date of arrival, through the SIIUE system, where you initially made the study plan. Within this period you should access the SIIUE and register your study plan change request.

After registering that request you can propose the change of the study plan should consult the Quick Guide to changing the Learning Agreement (G061).

If you wish to change your plan of studies after the 30 days, you should request in GESDOC that the plan of studies be changed, and the request is submitted for superior consideration. If it is authorized you will be notified, and you should make the change in the SIIUE.

image If you have not been clarified, send an email to: mobility@uevora.pt

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