C1.03. Do I need to validate enrollment to be able to get a certified proof of enrollment and registration?
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Yes, the enrollment needs to be validated in order to get a proof of enrollment. For this, it is necessary to present, at the SAC Student Desk, until December 31st of the admission academic year, the following documents:

  • the identification document;
  • the visa - in the case of non-European Union international student;
  • the original documents of the degree obtained and / or the qualification certificates submitted in the application process (if you have not submitted them authenticated). In case of qualifications obtained abroad, the documents to be presented must be certified by the Portuguese Consular Services in the country in which the foreign qualifications were obtained or must have affixed The Hague Apostille.
    Without validating your enrollment, you are unable to perform further academic procedures!
Upon presentation of the identification and visa, when applicable, you can and should obtain online (in SIIUE) a proof of your enrollment and registration, which contains a certified electronic signature, as well as a validation code based on which any Entity may access the SIIUE to verify the authenticity and validation of the certificate.

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