C1.03. Do I need do validation after enrollment?
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If you do not have Portuguese nationality, you must validate / authenticate your documents, so you you must go to the Academic Services on the dates foreseen for your course, which you can consult here. The following documents are needed:

- identification document
- visa for international students
original documents certifying the completion of previous degrees and / or qualification certificates submitted in the application (if the submitted documents were not authenticated). Holders of qualifications obtained abroad, must present documents authenticated by the Portuguese Consular Services in the country in which they obtained foreign qualifications or with the Hague Apostille.
- prerequisites, if applicable to the course in which the student is enrolled

The prerequisite form to be delivered for each of the courses with prerequisites must be the following ones and should be obtained from the DGES website:

Nursing, Group A prerequisites - Interpersonal Communication
Veterinary Medicine, Group B Prerequisites - Interpersonal Communication
Sport Sciences, Group E Prerequisites - Functional and Physical Aptitude
Architecture, Group F Prerequisites - Visual and Motor Capacity
Plastic Arts and Multimedia, Prerequisites of Group F - Visual and Motor Capacity
Design, Prerequisites of Group F - Visual and Motor Capacity

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