C1.02 My study programme has prerequisites, how to enroll?
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If you have been placed at the University of Évora in a degree or Integrated Master with pre-requisites you must enrol in person and bring with you the pre-requisite form of the respective course.

There is an exception for international students, who can register online through the SIIUE, and must submit ((click here to see how to make an appointment). the pre-requisites no later than 30 November of the year of entry

The prerequisite form to be delivered for each of the courses with prerequisites must be the following ones and should be obtained from the DGES website:

Nursing, Group A prerequisites - Interpersonal Communication
Veterinary Medicine, Group B Prerequisites - Interpersonal Communication
Sport Sciences, Group E Prerequisites - Functional and Physical Aptitude
Architecture, Group F Prerequisites - Visual and Motor Capacity
Plastic Arts and Multimedia, Prerequisites of Group F - Visual and Motor Capacity
Design, Prerequisites of Group F - Visual and Motor Capacity

The student who does not deliver the document mentioned according to the stipulated deadline, the placement and enrolment will be cancelled. Until the student completes the above mentioned procedures, no proof of enrolment, certificate of achievement or certification document will be issued, but can obtain a Letter of Acceptance from the SIIUE to apply for a visa.

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