C1.02 My study programme has prerequisites, how to enroll?
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In case you are placed at the University of Évora, in a course with prerequisites, you must attach to the enrollment form the prerequisite form of the respective course filled out by a physician registered with the Portuguese Medical Association. The original document must be delivered within 30 consecutive days after enrolling in the Academic Services (click here to see how to make an appointment).

With the exception of international students, who can enroll online through the SIIUE, and must hand it in (click here to see how to make an appointment). prerequisites no later than October 31 of the admission year.

The form (prerequisite) to be delivered for each of the courses with prerequisites must be the following to be obtained on the DGES website:

The student who does not deliver the document mentioned according to the stipulated deadline, the placement and enrolment will be cancelled.

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