D3.01. In which UC can you register?
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You can register in the UC included in the study plan of your study program and your specialization/ branch/variant, if applicable. In the case of optional UC, they are only available for registration if they have a teacher assigned in 2019/2020. You can consult the study planin your profileon SIIUE,and the corresponding observations, to obtain information on the number of compulsory and optional UC and ECTS that you must attend in each semester/year to obtain your program academic degree.

Registration in a particular curricular unit of a given year of the study plan of your study program, is only possible if you have passed, got crediting or you are registered in all the curricular units of the previous curricular year (s). For example, you can only register in curricular units of the 2nd year of the study plan if you have successfully completed or are registered in all curricular units of the 1st year of the study plan.

Students of the 2nd cycle, Integrated Master or 3rd cycle, who have already completed the curricular component of their programs, but are still working on the dissertation, project work, internship report or thesis, must compulsorily register, in each academic year. In the corresponding curricular unit.

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