C1.01. How to enroll?
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You can and should enroll online without having to go to the University of Évora (See the Online Enrolment Guide). To do this you need to access the Integrated Information System of the University of Évora (SIIUE) at http://siiue.uevora.pt.

Procedures for Enrollment:
  • 1st - Access the SIIUE at http://siiue.uevora.pt
  • 2nd - Use your login credentials - Username (Email) and Password) - the same one used in the application.
PLEASE NOTE: If you were placed through the National AdmissionProcess, first you have to get access credentials by registering yourself in SIIUE (see New User Registration Guide). You can only enroll after having the credentials.

  • 3rd - After authentication, and to start the Enrollment process, access the Enrollment option ( you must insert your photograph, so that the Banco Santander Student Card can be issued. )
In the case of students placed at the University of Évora in courses with prerequisite under the National Access Competition, enrollment has to be done in person, and the student has to bring the prerequisite form of his/her course.

After finishing the enrollment process, you receive an e-mail with your student username and password. With this information you should access the SIIUE where you must register in curricular units, access the amounts of due payment and their ATM references for payment, crediting requests and consultation of the main regulations.

For more information see the Portal of the University of Évora.

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