I2.06. Is it possible to extend the deadline for delivery of the Thesis or Dissertation / Work Project or Internship Report?
Last Updated 11 months ago

The students who do not complete the curricular part of the study plan or who do not submit their dissertation / work project / internship report within the deadlines established in the calendar of academic procedures, must register in the next academic year.

The postponement of the conclusion of the study cycle and the consequent postponement of the deadline due to cases of maternity or paternity leave, in which case the student has the legal right to extend the deadline and in the cases of risky pregnancy or illness, for periods no longer than 6 months, can be requested through GESDOC, duly instructed with supporting documents (birth certificate or medical certificate). In these cases, the postponement is not subject to tuition fees. However, after the postponement obtained under these conditions, in case the student intends to further extend the deadline to complete the study cycle, he / she will have to enroll, subject to the payment of the respective tuition due after the date of registration.

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