F3.02. I am an international student with the nationality of a country outside the European Union, under what conditions can I benefit from the merit scholarship?
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If you are an international student from a country outside the European Union, you can qualify for a merit scholarship if you have an academic performance equal or higher than the minimum merit grade. The minimum merit grade is defined annually in a Rector´s Order and depends on the study cycle.

In 2020/2021 – the international students who enroll in a study program benefit from this scholarship if:
  • In the 1st cycle, if they have an average grade of access of 14 or higher;
  • In the 2nd cycle, if they have an average grade in their bachelor’s degree of 15 or higher;
  • In the 3rd cycle, if they have a weighted average of their bachelor’s degree (60%) and their master degree (40%) greater or equal to 16.
The RAUÉ (available in SIIUE) defines the conditions to receive the merit scholarship in the following years of the study program. In general, to receive this scholarship you must have obtained a merit performance in the previous academic year.

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