D1.01. How to do the enrollment?
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The registration in UC is an act carried out annually, online, that gives you the right to attend classes and to be evaluated in the UC where you are registered. A student who is not registered in a UC cannot attend its classes or be evaluated if:
  1. the student is responsible for not being registered;
  2. after being warned by the teacher, the student did not solve the problem.
On the other hand, if the student demonstrates that he/she has already taken the necessary measures to solve the problem, attendance of classes is allowed.

At the time of registration, the student is automatically registered in the compulsory UC included in the study plan of the 1st year of his/her study program. In the case of re-entry the student is registered in the compulsory UC that are still needed to obtain the degree up to the limit of 72 ECTS, provided that he/she does not exceed 42 ECTS in any of the semesters.

If the study plan of your program(organized set of UC that you must complete in order to obtain the degree), which is available on your SIIUE profile, contemplates Electives UC or Alternative Compulsory UC you must choose the UC you want to register and register in these UC online (see the Quick Guide to Online Enrollment) within the deadlines set in the Academic Procedures Calendar (available on your SIIUE profile). In SIIUE you can also check the classes schedule of your study program.

In each academic year, registrations must be made in the compulsory UC, alternative compulsory UC and optional UC of the first and the second semester of that academic year.

If you are registering for the first time in a study program, you can only register up to 60 ECTS (unless you register in extra-curricular UC or you got crediting, in which case you can register up to a maximum of 72 ECTS). In subsequent years, registrations can be made up to 72 ECTS, subject to registration in the UC of previous academic years in which you did not obtain approval yet and provided the registrations do not exceed 42 ECTS in any of the semesters.

During the registration period you can make all the changes you want, as long as you remain registered in at least one UC of the program in which you are enrolled. After the end of the registration period you can only change your registrations in the period intended for this purpose at the beginning of each semester, taking into account the conditions and deadlines defined in the Academic Procedures Calendar.

In addition to the registration in UC which are included in the study plan of the program in which you are enrolled, you may register in extra-curricular UC that do belong to the study plan of your program (but you have to have at least one registration in your program) up to a maximum of 72 ECTS per academic year and provided that registrations do not exceed 42ECTS in any of the semesters. The extra-curricular UC will not be counted towards the achievement of the degree, nor for the evaluation of academic performance, nor for the candidacy to merit scholarship.

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