B5.04. Do you not receive notification that the application/enrollment in an exam has been validated or the result of the seriation?
Last Updated 2 months ago

According to the information provided when you submit your application, you can consult all notifications and application status in your candidate profile in the SIIUE, through your credentials (with which you submitted your application).

Upon successful completion of your application you will receive an email notification informing you of this and with information regarding the payment of the application fee if it is due.

After the payment, the application will be analyzed by the Academic Services to verify if it is complete with the documents required in the respective competition/regime.

Only after this analysis you will be notified that the application has been validated, provided that it is correctly instructed, otherwise you will receive notification that it was not validated and you have 24 hours to insert the missing documents and resubmit the application.

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