C4.02. How to get the Acceptance Letter?
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The Acceptance Letter is obtained online, by the student through his/her STUDENT profile in SIIUE. To do so, access SIIUE with the usual authentication data, and through the main menu choose the option Documents » Proofs, followed by the option Acceptance Letter.

The Acceptance Letter is an electronic document under the terms provided for in the legal framework for electronic documents and digital signature, Decree-Law n.º 290-D/99, of 2 August, and subsequent amendments. In addition, the document has a validation code that allows any external entity to validate its authenticity through SIIUE.

Thus, this Acceptance Declaration is not signed/stamped by the Academic Services since it already has the necessary elements to check its validity and authenticity.

The Declaration of Acceptance is free of charge and it can only be issued in the academic year of admission, when a student enrolls for the first time in the first year of a given course at the University of Évora.

The date shown in the document is the date when the document is issued. The document is valid as long as the data contained in it remains valid. If the student's registration is canceled or if there is any change to the personal data contained in the document, the acceptance letter becomes invalid and this information will be shown when someone checks the authenticity and validity of the Acceptance Letter, using the validation code.

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