B10.04. How and where to apply for a Doctoral Degree
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Application can only be made online through the University of Évora Integrated Information System (SIIUE), within the deadlines set out in the University of Évora’s Application Schedule, fulfilling the appropriate form. To do so you should access the SIIUE and:

1st step: Login here
When accessing SIIUE to register the application desired, the candidate will be redirected to an internet page where he/she will register as a candidate (name, e-mail address, identification number and a password of his/her choice).

After login (please see New User Registration Guide) the candidate will receive a notification in his/her given email address to validate the SIIUE user registration credentials (username and password).

2nd step: Complete the application form here
After validating the registration, the candidate may then login in SIIUE and make the application, filling the form and attaching documents (please see SIIUE Guide: online applications (2nd/3rd cycle and Postgraduations)

Regarding master’s degrees that offer specializations (please see Opening notices), the candidates may place the specializations they want to apply for in order of preference.

In case of difficulties to submit the application, please see “Difficulties to submit the application in SIIUE”, where, in case of doubt, you can ask questions. However, it is not possible to submit documents that must be exclusively attached to the application.

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