B11.07. Which are the conditions for accessing a doctorate under the special regime (without a supervisor)?
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Pursuant to article 33 of Decree-Law No. 65/2018, of August 16, current republication of Decree-Law 74/2006, of March 24, all those who meet the conditions for access to the study cycle leading to a doctoral degree, in a domain for which the UÉ is accredited, may request the presentation of a thesis to public defense act without enrollment/attendance in the study cycle and without guidance within the scope of the cycle of studies conferring a doctorate degree.

Applications for a PhD in these terms can be delivered at any time to the SAC (in person or by mail in a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt), in an application addressed to the Rector of the UÉ, accompanied by the following documentation:
a) Curriculum vitae;
b) Proof of qualifications, duly authenticated;
c) The Thesis in pdf format (the file can't be encrypted);
After the Scientific Council of the Advanced Training Research Institute proceeds to assess the candidate's curriculum vitae and the adequacy of the thesis to the objectives pursued by the doctoral degree under the law, it issues a decision within 45 days after receiving the application and the candidate notified thereof.

In case of approval of the application for the presentation of the thesis in a public act, without enrollment/attendance in the study cycle and without guidance, the candidate has 30 days after notification to register the doctoral thesis and formalize the application for admission to public act, in the SAC:
a) Application form for admission to public acts;
b) A copy of the work, in pdf format (which can't be encrypted) which must comply with the provisions of the Academic Regulations of the University of Évora (see Question “How to proceed with the delivery of a PhD Thesis”);
c) Curriculum Vitae from the student;
d) Declaration, under commitment of honor, regarding the originality of the thesis;
e) Statement that you are aware that, under the terms of the law, the thesis will be deposited in the Digital Repository of the UÉ and in the National Library.

After delivery, the documents referred to in the previous number will be sent to the IIFA, and the processing of public exams must take place in accordance with the procedures described in the Academic Regulation of the University of Évora.

The student who requires public exams to obtain a doctorate degree under the special regime for delivering a thesis, is subject to the payment of two academic years of the course fee, at the time when he requests and formalizes the request for admission to exams defense of the thesis in the SAC, and payment must be made in full upon registration of the thesis.

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