B1.02. Which are the conditions and how to apply for the Special Access Regimes through the Directorate-General for Higher Education?
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The Special Regimes are intended for students who meet specific qualifications and personal conditions, identified in each of the regimes, being an autonomous form of access, distinct from the National Contest, Institutional Contests and Special Contests. Applications take place in a single period, according to the calendar published on the DGES website. The application is delivered exclusively in person, at the Offices for Access to Higher Education (GAES) or, through diplomatic channels, in accordance with the special regime for which the student is applying.

The conditions and documentation to apply under each of the special regimes should be consulted on the DGES website, namely:

  • (A) Portuguese Officials of the Portuguese Diplomatic Mission Abroad and their family members who accompany them;
  • (B) Portuguese Citizens who are scholarship holders or equivalent, from the Portuguese Government abroad, Public Officials on an Official Mission Abroad or Portuguese UÉ Staff and their family members who accompany them;
  • (C) Officials of the Permanent Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces, within the scope of Meeting Specific Training Needs of the Armed Forces;
  • (D) Students who are nationals of Portuguese-speaking African countries with scholarships from the Portuguese Government, the respective Governments, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, under the terms of agreements with the UÉ or others: with Higher Education Frequency; Holders of the 12th grade of Portuguese secondary education or equivalent;
  • (E) Foreign Employees of Diplomatic Mission Accredited in Portugal and their Families who reside here, under a Reciprocity Regime;
  • (F) High Performance Athletes;
  • (G) Naturals and Children of Naturals from the Territory of East Timor.

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