B1.01. Conditions and how to apply for the National Access Route?
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Applications for Bachelor's degrees (1st cycle) and Integrated Masters courses are made through the National Route for Access to Higher Education. The national contest is organized by the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES). The University of Évora has in the Academic Services, the Office for Access to Higher Education of the University of Évora (GAES) which will be able to clarify all doubts and assist in submitting the application.

The information provided does not replace the need to visit the DGES website.

Conditions for access to higher education by the general contingent:
  • Hold a secondary education course, or a legally equivalent qualification;
  • Take, or have taken over the past two years, the national exams corresponding to the entrance exams required for the different courses and institutions to which they are applying (Check the required exams for each course on the University of Évora website);
  • Fulfil the prerequisites if they are required by the institution for the course for which they are applying (check on the University of Évora Portal which courses require prerequisites.
Regarding to each course, must be obtained a classification equal or higher than the minimum fixed for each entrance exam, as well as in the application grade. The Uniservisty of Évora website contains the conditions for admission to each of the courses, as well as the grade of the last candidate placed in the previous year.

To submit the application on the DGES website, is required the following documentation:
  • Password for accessing the online application system;
  • ENES form issued by the Secondary School where the national exams were carried out;
  • Prerequisite form if any of the institution/course pairs requires prerequisites from Groups C, G, I, K, M, P, R, V, Y and Z.

For information about application deadlines you should consult the DGES website .

In addition to the Gera Contingent, there are Special Contingents. This contingent is part of the National Access Route and is intended for candidates with special personal conditions. In the national competition, the places fixed for each course in each higher education institution are distributed by a general contingent and by special contingents.

The conditions and documentation to apply under each of the Special Contingents should be consulted on the DGES website,, namely:

  • Candidates from Azores
  • Candidates from Madeira
  • Portuguese emigrant candidates and family members
  • Military candidates under contract
  • Candidates with physical or sensory disabilities

The candidate will have to satisfy all the requirements and conditions demanded in the general contingent,
applying the same rules, namely: the need to take the entrance exams and their validity period, the way in which the notes are used in each application stage and the exams carried out abroad.

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