S1.08. Some subjects are not available in Moodle
Last Updated 3 years ago

If any Curricular Unit (UC) is not presented to you in Moodle, make sure at SIIUE that you are registered to it (by issuing your Proof of Enrollment and Registration).

However, please note that the respective Curricular Units (UC's) are only available on Moodle, on the day after registration.

If it's still not available, get help from the IT Services by sending an email to moodle@uevora.pt.

Note that the existence of a Moodle area for a given UC is an option for the professor who teaches it (it isn't mandatory that all UCs have a Moodle area). As such, make sure with the Professor, or with other colleagues enrolled in the same UC, that there is already an area created for it.

image If you have not been clarified, please contact directly the IT Services, to the email apoio@si.uevora.pt.

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