I2.02. How to submit the thesis or dissertation or project work or internship report
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In the submission of the Thesis or D/TP/RE, carried out via GESDOC, the following documents must be attached in digital format:
  • Application form for admission to public examinations;
  • A copy of the work, in pdf format (not encrypted) that should be in compliance with what was exposed in the previous numbers;
  • Curriculum Vitae of the student;
  • Statement of the supervisor on how the Thesis or D/TP/RE is in conditions for public discussion;
    • The student will also have to deliver: Authorship Statement;
    • Declaration that he/she is aware that, according to the law, the Thesis/ D/TP/ RE will be object of deposit in the Digital Repository of the UÉ and, in the Thesis case, in the National Library.
The Thesis or D / TP / RE should contain abstracts in Portuguese and English (with the title in the same language, in the top of the abstract), each up to 300 words (Thesis) or up to 150 words (D / TP / RE), without mathematical formulas, diagrams or other illustrative materials.

The cover and cover page must be obtained from the student profile in SIIUE, mentioning the name of the author, the supervisor(s), the name of the specialty / area of specialization if applicable and the title of the Thesis / D / TP / RE. In addition, it includes the statement "This Thesis / Dissertation / Project Work / Internship Report does not include the comments and suggestions made by the jury." In the case of the Thesis / D / TP / RE study cycles offered in association with other higher education institutions, the cover and cover page will mention the institutions in the association and their logo.

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