I1.03. What is the procedure for project delivery?
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The student must submit, through SIIUE-GESDOC, the project and work plan, in a specific form (impresso T-005), the supervisor statement about the project and the curriculum vitae of the supervisor(s) when appropriate.

Projects involving experimentation on people and biological material of human origin must be submitted to the Ethics Committee approval and thus the student has to fill and attach a form (impresso T-013). related to these ethical issues. Projects involving animal experimentation must be submitted to ORBEA-UÉ approval, and the student must attach the corresponding form (formulário). when he/she submits the project.

Before submitting the project through SIIUE-GESDOC, the student should submit his/her proposal to the Program Director/Program Executive Committee in order to ensure that the work plan is reviewed and that the student has time to incorporate possible suggestions for improvement before the project is submitted in SIIUE-GESDOC.

The students registered in the Master’s Supervised Teaching Practice conferring professionalization for teaching or registered in Internship Report under the Master of Nursing must also submit their project under the respective regulations.

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