M1.13. What is the procedure for processing public evidence?
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The student submits until October 15 through GESDOC, the documentation defined in RAUÉ to request public examinations and the scanned version of the Thesis or Dissertation or Project Work or Internship Report, the cover page in the model to be extracted from SIIUE, in the student profile.

After the SAC verifies if the student has concluded the curricular part of the master's or doctoral program and if the fees have been paid, the request for admission to exams is sent to the Scientific Council of the Organic Unit, with knowledge to the CEA

After nomination by the Organic Unit, the panel must issue the Preliminary Decision and send it via GESDOC to the SAC.

The minutes of the 2nd cycle and Integrated Master's public examinations should be obtained from the SIIUE but through the profile of the Professor who is President of the Jury (see Guide for obtaining the minutes of the examinations).

After the exams, the President of the Jury should access the SIIUE (in the Teacher profile) and record the final classification obtained in the public exams, and send the minutes as soon as possible to the SAC, through GESDOC.

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