D3.06. Can I enroll in units of another course (extracurricular)?
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Extracurricular unit – UC attended from a study plan that does not belong to the study plan of the course in which the student is enrolled at the University of Évora.

They can enroll in Extracurricular Units as long as the enrollment in them and in the UCs of the study plan in which they are enrolled, does not exceed 72 ECTS / academic year and as long as it does not exceed 36 ECTS in any of the semesters.

Pursuant to the Law Decree No. 65/2018, of August 16:

  • Isolated Curricular Units and extracurricular units of the same studies cycle can only be credited up to a maximum limit of 50% of the total ECTS of the degree or the number of ECTS of the curricular component of the master's or doctoral degree.
  • each student can register for a maximum number of 60 accumulated credits in Isolated and Extracurricular Units of the same studies cycle throughout their academic path.
In case of attending extracurricular units of subsequent cycles of studies (example: student of 1st cycle attending extracurricular units of 2nd cycle), the Curricular Units in which the student obtains approval will be credited in case of enrollment and registration in the cycle of studies of the respective extracurricular units, without applying the aforementioned limit.

The student enrolled and registered in a cycle of studies at the UÉ can enroll in UC, of the same degree or a different degree, being subject to the following conditions in the case of UC of subsequent cycles of studies:

  • 1st cycle students can enroll in 2nd cycle UCs, provided they have 60 or less ECTS to complete the 1st cycle;
  • 2nd cycle students with a 4 semesters duration or IM can enroll in a 3rd cycle UC, as long as they have 60 or less ECTS left to complete the course;
  • 2nd cycle students with a 3 semesters duration can enroll in a 3rd cycle UC, as long as they have 30 or less ECTS left to complete the course.
Register in extracurricular units presupposes enrolling at least in one UC of the course in which the student is enrolled and will not be counted in the award of a degree diploma or academic diploma, nor for academic performance, nor for applications for scholarships.

The request for enrollment in Extracurricular Units is made through the student's profile in SIIUE, similarly to the procedure carried out for enrollments in the normal season of the school year, however, it must be selected the "Extra-curricular" enrollment type, within the deadlines defined in the Academic Procedures Calendar of each academic year.

For further information, please consult the information available at https://www.uevora.pt/en/study/UE-Students/academic-services-and-procedures/Registration

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