B10..02. Can I apply for a master program without bachelors?
Last Updated 6 months ago

If you want to apply for a master or a postgraduate course and you are in the end of your 1st cycle studies at the time of application, your application can only be considered if:

  • in the 1st phase of applications you have a maximum of 6 curricular units or 36 ECTS remaining to complete your bachelor;
  • in the 2nd phase of applications you have a maximum of 3 curricular units remaining to conclude your bachelor;
  • in the 3rd phase of applications you have a maximum of 1 curricular unit remaining to complete your bachelor

Bachelor student degree who are not students at University of Évora must submit a statement from the Higher Education Institution where they are attending the bachelor stating the number of ECTS or curricular units that are needed for the student to complete the bachelor degree.

Candidates admitted under these conditions, after enrolling in master’s programme, are thus conditioned to the bachelor conclusion and, if the candidate is not a 1st cycle student at University of Évora, must deliver the respective proof until 30th October of the academic year in which they will access to the master’s programme. Otherwise, the enrolment is cancelled.

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