B03.02. Which are the conditions for registration in the Over 23 Old Assessment Tests?
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The Assessment Tests for candidates over 23 years of age are designed to assess the ability to attend a Bachelor's or Integrated Master's course and are held annually.These tests include:

  1. Specific knowledge test(s) (60%)
  2. Curriculum analysis (30%)
  3. Interview (10%)
The Specific Tests consist of a written test of a theoretical nature, held at the University of Évora in which the candidate must register, in accordance with the Admission Test(s) required in the General Access Regime,for the course you want to enroll at UÉ through the special competition Over 23 years old.

Candidates may, when registering, request exemption from the test or specific tests, n provided they meet one of the following conditions:

  • In the last 3 years, have been successful in Portuguese secondary education, in the subjects corresponding to the entrance exams set by the UÉ for the National Access Competition for the course to which you are applying;
  • Approval in a Higher Education Institution of at least two curricular units per semester or one per year in the predominant scientific area of the course to which you intend to apply or in the scientific area of the entrance exam in the National Access Competition;
  • In the last 3 years, have passed the curricular units of the Preparatory Course for Admission to Higher Education at UÉ corresponding to the entrance exams of the course you intend to apply for.

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