B03.01. Which are the conditions and how to apply for the Special Contest for Over 23 Years Old?
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The special contest is designed for people over 23 years of age and is open to those who have passed the Assessment Tests for attending Higher Education and who cumulatively meet the following conditions:

a) Turned 23 by December 31 of the year preceding the Tests;

b) Do not hold a qualification to access Higher Education, and the candidate must declare this in the application form.It is considered that the student does not hold a higher education qualification if:

a) Did not complete secondary education;

b) Completed secondary education but

  • Did not take, or having taken, did not pass the entrance exams required for the intended institution/course;
  • Completed the entrance exams required for the intended institution/course, but these are no longer valid.
Under the terms of Deliberation No. 1233/2014 of the National Commission for Access to Higher Education, national final exams held before 2022 are valid as entrance exams in the year they are held and in the following two years.As of 2022, exams are valid for the year they are held and for the following four years, according to CNAES Deliberation No. 1043/2021, of 10/13.

After passing the exam for Over 23 years old, you will automatically be considered a candidate for the Special Competition for Over 23 years old, to apply for access and admission to the University of Évora. If you want to enroll in the Music Degree, you must also pass the Vocational Aptitude Test.

The results, to be disclosed within the deadlines set out in the Applications Calendar to the UÉ, as well as other information about the exams (calendars, model tests, etc.) will be published on the Study Portal.

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