F1.03. Where can I find the references for the payment of fees?
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The University of Évora offers the payment of Fees and other Emoluments through the ATM network, or an equivalent process through Homebanking, or through PayPal.

The necessary information to proceed with these payments is available at SIIUE.

To consult the payment references you should access SIIUE - Student Profile, and through the Student menu you can access all the student's academic data, including the consultation of the amounts in payment and respective references for payment via ATM.

In the section Availability click on Amounts in Payment to see in detail the amounts to be paid (if any) and the respective ATM references.

Refer to the SIIUE Quick Guide for help on this procedure.

Important notes:

:: Comply with the defined payment deadline. The lack of payment or payment made beyond the deadline will imply either the application of interest on arrears or the application of penalties.

:: The receipt issued by the ATM or the printed document of the Internet payment are proof of payment and must therefore be kept.

Within 24/48h on average after the payment is made, it can be consulted through the View Menu " Payments (if it refers to tuition fees it will also be reflected in the tuition fees table).

When the registration of the payment appears in SIIUE, you can obtain the respective receipt.

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