I3.01. How to submit the final version for legal deposit after public discussion?
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Within a maximum period of 30 days after the date of the public discussion, the student must:
  • Submit, in GESDOC, in pdf format, the final version of the Thesis/D/TP/RE with the changes suggested by the jury, including after the cover page, a page with the constitution of the jury, accompanied by the supervisor statement validating the introduction of the corrections in the final version - Impresso T-007;
  • Declare that he/she is aware that the work will be available in an open format in the UÉ Repository, part of the network of the Open Access Scientific Repository of Portugal- Declaração de Conhecimento. If the student does not want the work to have open access, he/she should request an exception, stating the reasons for it and indicating the deadline for the embargo;
  • In the case of Thesis, the student has to deliver a copy, in paper format, to the SAC for deposit at the National Library of Portugal.
Certification of the degree and/or degree letter can only be requested after submission of the final version of the Thesis/D/TP/RE.

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