M1.11. What are the procedures to be done for a student to do a curricular/fieldwork internship or an extra-curricular internship or summer internship?
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In accordance with Circular No. 15/2019, the student must submit through the SIIUE (in the student profile under Internship " Application " Options " New Application), the curricular internship or field work proposal (if the study plan of the course in which he is enrolled includes it).

After submission, the CEA must validate the proposal in SIIUE (in Applications " Internship Applications ), and may edit and correct the proposal, or return it to the student in case of lack of relevant information.

After approval by GAITEC (Support Office for Innovation, Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Cooperation of the Rectory Services) and issuance of the internship agreement, the student can view in his profile in SIIUE the Internship Agreement and School Insurance Statement.

The Course Director must register in SIIUE the Internship Completion Report, confirming the completion of the internship, and must record in Portuguese and English a summary of the internship or extra-curricular internship completed, which will appear in the Diploma Supplement.

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