M1.06. What should I do if the CEA finds an inaccuracy in the record of crediting?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The Regulations for Crediting Training and Professional Experience provide for the possibility of re-examining crediting processes when the Executive Monitoring Committee (CEA) finds that there was an inaccuracy in the proposal submitted to the Scientific Council.

If this happens, the CEA may, through an official letter, request the Scientific Council of the Organic Unit to re-analyze the process. If the accreditation request has not yet been approved, the Scientific Council may immediately place the accreditation request in the EUISS in the status "For review"; if it has already been approved, the Scientific Council may approve the request for re-examination and send the letter through the GESDOC to the SAC, which will register in the SIIUE the re-examination request, remaining pending again in the SIIUE at the Monitoring Executive Committee (CEA).

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