M1.05. How to grant Crediting?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Crediting should be proposed by the Executive Monitoring Committees (CEA) through the SIIUE, in accordance with the Regulation on Creditation of Training and Professional Experience. You may consult the Online Procedure Guide here.

The Executive Monitoring Committees (ECC) only have access to the validated accreditation requests, i.e. after students have paid the respective fees and delivered the documents required in the Accreditation Regulation, previously authenticated or by presenting the original documents to the Academic Services.

In the case of qualifications obtained at the University of Évora, the student does not need to submit documentation, as the CEA has all the information in the SIIUE.

As of 2019/20, inclusive, the crediting of isolated or extra-curricular UC's in which the student has passed (must have evaluations registered in SIIUE at the date of the crediting request) that effectively correspond to UC's of the study plan in which the student will enroll, are subject to an automatic crediting process in the SIIUE, being submitted, however, subject to the limits imposed by law (see paragraph c) of no. 1 and no. 2 of art. 3 of the Regulation for Crediting Training and Professional Experience) and to the approval of the Scientific Councils of the respective Organic Units.

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